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Car Body Detailing
Neofytidis – Autobody & Detailing – Polishing - Waxing - Fogging of Lanterns -
Biological Car Cleaning - Color Restoration - Thessaloniki


The company Neofytidis - Autobody & Detailing has been active in the field of car body painting and painting since 1988.
With our many years of experience, know-how and love for the car, we undertake the repair of all vehicles, from the smallest scratch to the greatest damage.



Car Polishing
With the color repair we can achieve from a simple polishing to the elimination of scratches and of course the return of the vehicle to a better condition than new. This can be achieved with our many years of experience and of course using the best products on the market.

Color Protection
If you want to keep the color of your vehicle in excellent condition even if it is new, a basic condition is its protection. Initially this can be done with a candle or sealant offering a protection period of 3 to 6 months. For longer duration, from 1 year to 5+ years, but also greater resistance to weather conditions and foreign bodies, the ceramic protection is applied on the color of the vehicle. However, apart from the color of the vehicle, it can be applied to film / wrap, to transparent protective film / ppf, to plastics, to rims but also to glass surfaces.




Lantern Dehumidification / Crystallization
By polishing the headlights, in addition to the visual improvement, we achieve the appropriate lighting of the vehicle for safe driving.
Engine cleaning
The cleaning and polishing of the engine can be done by washing but also by dry cleaning depending on the dirt and the type of car. It is a very difficult process due to the intense dirt it may have (dirt, dust, oils) but also the electrical parts around the machine.